Nadine Cino Makes A Bold New Hire

Council Members are a talented, ambitious group of people, and one of the best parts of writing this column is the opportunity to showcase Member achievements. Recently, Member Nadine Cino of Tyga-Box Systems made just such a move in reaching out to Eder Holguin to join her team as COO.

We interviewed Nadine and Eder to talk about how they met, how they interact, and where they’re taking the company together. It’s a fascinating story of synergy and ambition. Read on to find out more!

1) How did the two of you cross paths initially?

Eder: I have been an entrepreneur for the past fifteen years. I speak at a lot of different digital events including ad:tech here in NY. Last year I was attending ad:tech NY speaking about digital marketing, and Marty, who is the president of the company, was there and he was doing a demo for a prospect of the new technology we’re releasing soon. So in between breaks I went out to get coffee and ended up sitting right next to him. We started having a conversation, he told me about Tyga-Box, about a lot of the new developments and the technology that is being introduced. And he said look, maybe I’ll reach out to you when I need to release the technology so you can help with me with the marketing and sales of it. So I gave him my business card, we connected on LinkedIn and we stayed in touch.

I had the opportunity to sell my company in February, and while I was finalizing that he reached out to me. I’d written a couple of different books, and he’d read one of my books and sent me an email saying he loved the book and he wanted to introduce me to Nadine and that we should have dinner, and here we are today.

So then we started exploring things in common. The book I wrote meant a lot to him in his personal life, and he wanted to introduce me to Nadine, so we would talk about business, where I was in my career, and at the time we realized that they wanted to bring someone like me to help them grow the business. It was really good synergy. We had a lot of things in common other than just a business idea, the same type of values in how we do business.

2) Eder, tell me a little bit about the books you wrote.

Eder: I grew up in Columbia and lived homeless for about five years, so the first book I wrote talks about my journey from living in a really bad household with a mother who was involved in alcohol and other things, living in the streets, really learning how to sell and how to apply a lot of the principles I learned in business, pay my way through school doing that. Then I came to NY with $20 in my pocket as a teenager, and here I am. So the book is that journey, it’s called “Dreaming of Hope Street”, and it talks about my journey becoming the CEO of a digital marketing company coming from very humble beginnings and with a lot adversity in my life.

And the second book is a seminar that I do. It’s called “Street Smart”, which is more of a pragmatic, very step by step how-to for transforming your life, how to achieve your goals. It’s motivational. It has both the book and the seminar which I do every once in a while. I’ve done it in a couple different colleges.

Nadine: The reason I wanted to meet Eder initially, before we understood that we were a good match for each other, is that much in the tradition of The Council, where we help one another, I actually wanted to meet Eder to see if in meeting him I could understand where he may be a good fit for one of our Council Members who might be looking for someone to fill the position that he does so brilliantly for us. So it was coming from this very altruistic place of helping others that we wound up helping ourselves.

3) Nadine, how did you know Eder was the right person for the job?

Nadine: You know it goes into that realm beyond chemistry where you just kind of instinctively understand that person, you have had so many almost parallel experiences in life. So you see their track record, you know they can accomplish what you need to accomplish in your own business because the parallels are there. And it’s that synergy that goes beyond a gut feeling; gut feeling to me is like you’re with a person and you have a feeling someone will do well at your company. Whereas with Eder, he’s in many ways so different from me, he’s incredibly methodical, he’s completely consistent, and those are the things that this company has been really needing, it doesn’t need more creativity, it really needed execution. And he brings that, and he brings the creativity as well. So he’s mastered both, and I’m learning from him.

4) Eder, tell me a bit about what your responsibilities are in the new role.

Eder: My responsibilities, when I joined the company, are basically build a very structured marketing program to gain visibility in the marketplace, and that comprises everything from offline, online, digital (which is really my background), managing social media, building out a great marketing platform that’ll allow us to increase visibility and income and leads, and then and building out something the company didn’t have, which is a clear sales process of how we target and go out to market with our solutions. The company has relied on Nadine being the face of the business and doing PR but never really had a very clear marketing or sales process. So that’s the first thing I’m doing, implementing an outgoing sales process in which we can build a simple way to go to market, reach our prospects, and increase revenue. So that’s the first set of responsibilities. Then the second part is just looking at optimizing human capital and the resources we currently have in order to grow the business.

5) Anything else you would like to tell us?

Eder: The message that I always share with entrepreneurs is that the story here is synergy. Understanding and looking at ways in which you collaborate and help other entrepreneurs, and how that exponentially creates all this organic growth as a community, as entrepreneurs, as people. I always emphasize that. Nadine can tell you many times people reach out to me for advice, and I am the first one to offer free advice and try to help people because I understand how frustrating and difficult it is to be an entrepreneur. So I think that’s the main message, the more that we can come together as a community, the better it will be for the future of us in our business and our personal lives as well.

Nadine: In closing, a lot of us who are looking to create an impact that’s larger than ourselves, I think that’s a common chord here through the entire company and strongly among the management team. Eder, Marty and I have all discussed that we’re up to something big, we expect it will really scale exponentially and that’ll make all of us quite wealthy which is all terrific. More importantly though we’re excited by, on a daily basis, that what we’re creating has a big impact on the landscape of sustainability, on the landscape of social responsibility, and it’s our way of looking at how we’re giving back and at the same time making money and looking at it from the perspective of the legacy that we we’re leaving behind. Today, Tyga-Box has saved over 25 million trees from being destroyed and over 250 million tons of cardboard from clogging landfills. And with the scaling of the company and the introduction of the tracking system, we’ll be able to multiply that significantly, create jobs, and other things that will benefit society.

Connect with Nadine, her husband, Marty, and other Council Members at her upcoming “mix’n’mingle” dinner party at their “Treehouse”! Click here to RSVP – significant others welcome!

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