Jerry Ferro’s Significant Trip Highlighted in the Courier-Post

Your Council is honored to announce that Jerry Ferro, fellow Council Member and founder and CEO of Free For All Inc. has recently been featured in the Courier-Post newspaper.

The heartwarming article uncovers Jerry’s quest for fulfilling his 92-year-old mother’s wishes; this is a duty Jerry takes seriously as he made a promise on his father’s deathbed to care for his mother.

“She moved in with me 13 years ago and she was fine until six or seven days after her 90th birthday, [when] she fractured her hip. It’s been challenging ever since,” Jerry explains to The Council.

One of his mother’s requests was to revisit Sanibel Island, Florida, a place Jerry’s parents vacationed years ago. However, his mother’s “whole body was failing. Everything was going wrong. And frankly, the care facility she was in for rehab wasn’t optimistic about her survival,” Jerry told the Courier-Post.

But once Jerry explained to his mother that he would take her to Sanibel Island only if she got better, her health significantly improved. The Courier-Post highlights their trip to Sanibel Island in 2013, which illustrates the power of the will to live. (You can read the full story here or check out Jerry’s photo album of the trip.)

Currently, Jerry is getting ready to take his mother back to Sanibel Island in February. “I completely gutted the bus – were converting it into a mobile office, but it’s still going to have the same things that I need to get her from point A to point B,” Jerry reveals. “I basically got rid of the kitchen because we’re not cooking anything – it’s not an RV. We got rid of the shower, we extended the back bedroom and … we turned it into a boardroom. It’s going to be a complete, practical mobile office.”

Although the bus is being heavily transformed, it’s still Jerry’s goal to make this an ideal trip for his mother. “She sits in the passenger seat – she rides shot-gun all the way down, it’s like an oversized, queen-size chair. Nothing’s going to change as far as she’s concerned, it’s just everything from behind her back will change.”

Jerry, your story is admirable. We highly respect your perseverance and dedication, and we’re honored to have you as a Council Member. Cheers!

Jerry Ferro with his mother, Trudy

Jerry Ferro with his mother, Trudy

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